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FAQ – Frequently asked questions


How do I book an on-site education course or a workshop?

You can find our on-site education courses and workshops listed on eventbrite (only for Germany). There you can find locations and dates close to you and book them easily. After the completed purchase you will receive a confirmation email with all information. For other countries please contact us.

How can I cancel my education course or my workshop?

We do not offer refunds. However, if you are unable to participate, contact us at info@bellicon.academy. As described in our terms and conditions, the education course or workshop can be postponed once on another date or transferred to another person.

Which education course or workshop is recommended for the health and fitness sector?

If you want to work in both sectors, we recommend completing the fitness oriented bellicon JUMPING basic education first and then choose which direction to continue your education. Our workshops enable you to teach advanced rebounding fitness classes or to enter the health sector. Our bellicon® HEALTH workshop creates a strong foundation and will convey the necessary anatomical and physiological knowledge to move forward into other courses.

Could I pass a workshop without doing the education first?

No, in the bellicon® JUMPING or bellicon® HEALTH education you learn necessary safety and equipment information which serve as essential fundamentals and required prerequisites. These are required for the participation in all workshops of the bellicon academy. The workshops serve both to deepen your knowledge and to expand your trainer qualifications.

What can I call the courses I offer after my education?

You can use the name of the fitness or health oriented classes as the provider suggests, e.g. bellicon® JUMPING class with *your name.

Is there an exam in each education and workshop?

The bellicon® JUMPING and the bellicon® HEALTH education conclude with a practical exam. In this exam the participants have to present the knowledge they have learned in simulating a class.

As an instructor, do I have to pay a licence fee?

No, we don’t have licence fees.

I completed the education with a different Jumping provider. Could I still join a bellicon online workshop?

If you completed a basic Jumping fitness education, a bellicon® JUMPING education or a basic education with a similar provider, you can participate in all of our workshops. Please contact info@bellicon.academy with your documents.

What is the difference between a bellicon® HEALTH education and a bellicon® HEALTH workshop?

The bellicon® HEALTH education is the equivalent to our bellicon® JUMPING education in the health sector. It takes 2 days and ends with a practical exam. The bellicon® HEALTH workshop on the other hand is a one-day format for all bellicon® JUMPING trainers who want to enter the health sector.

What is the minimum age to participate?

The minimum required age for the participation for all education courses and workshops in the bellicon academy is 16 (in Germany). With the parents consent if applicable also before the age of 16.

Is a specific fitness level recommended to pass the education?

Besides an extensive theory part, in which topics like anatomy, step techniques and music construction will be discussed, several practical parts will take place within the 2 days. For that it's important to have a good level of basic fitness.

Is it helpful to join a rebounding class before starting the education?

It's not required but highly recommended. Usually the steps are easy to learn, nevertheless in rare cases participants have problems with the correct jumping technique and therefore prior experience is helpful in these situations.

Is a fitness education required to participate in the education?

For participation in a bellicon® JUMPING or bellicon® HEALTH education a fitness education isn’t necessary or required, nonetheless experience in the group fitness sector is recommended. Participation in the bellicon MED education is also possible without a previous education.

I have a lot of enthusiastic older participants in the JUMPING classes. Is there also a course or workshop especially for this age group?

If you want to address older participants with physical conditions in your bellicon classes, we would recommend the bellicon® HEALTH education. This education conveys basic knowledge in anatomy and physiology, pathologies and teaches how to work with smaller groups. If you already passed the bellicon® JUMPING education successfully, the bellicon® HEALTH workshop teaches you further information to prepare for the bellicon® HEALTH education.

Do you need certain clothes or special shoes?

We recommend comfortable clothes for rebounding. For the high intensive bellicon® JUMPING classes fitted clothing is recommended. bellicon® HEALTH classes require socks, while we recommend shoes for the bellicon® JUMPING classes. The shoes should offer stability but have a thin sole to ensure enough flexibility.

Online Education

How many webinars are included and when do they take place?

The education includes 2 webinars in total and they are organized once a week. Therefore you have to sign up in the online calendar. The webinars are hosted via google meet.

What do I need for the participation?
  • A computer with internet connection, web cam, integrated mic and speaker
  • We recommend an internet connection with a speed of at least 50 mbits/sec
  • A room that provides enough space for a full body view of you and your bellicon
  • Your bellicon including T-Bar
  • Sports clothing
  • Light sneakers with flexible sole
  • A filled water bottle
  • A towel

Is the education accessible anytime, even after passing the exam successfully?

4 weeks after passing the exam successfully, the education will be closed. But you could download the education documents before. Access to the platform with your log in dates remains.

How does the online exam work?

After the second webinar you can sign up for the exam. You will receive a random order of steps/choreography which you have to record on video and upload afterwards. One of our master trainers will evaluate that video and we will get back to you in a timely fashion. After successful completion you will get your certificate. In case you don’t pass successfully, don’t worry, we will send you new choreography and you get another chance.

Does this course count for continuing education credits or units?

Yes! This course is accredited through ACE. For more information on the continuing education credits click here. For questions regarding petitioning this course through other organizations please email us info@bellicon.academy

On-site Education

The date of my booked education is unfortunately not appropriate for me anymore. Could I cancel or rebook the education course or workshop?

There will be no refund possible for the offered educational products. But you have the possibility to postpone your reservation once to another date or to transfer it to another participant.

What happens if an education or a workshop is canceled?

Should an education or workshop be canceled due to unforeseeable events or not reaching minimum numbers of

participants, the signed up participants will receive a full refund of the costs. We cannot assume liability for already paid travel or hotel expenses.