bellicon® HEALTH education course

The education for health-oriented training

Learning content

What is includedin the education course?

  • The bellicon® and all its facets
  • basics of anatomy and common symptoms
  • positive effects of bellicon® training & contraindications
  • step technique and lesson planning
  • the structure of a bellicon® HEALTH lesson
  • Pathology-specific exercises
  • Basics of music, didactics and methodology
  • Tips for the correct guidance of a bellicon® HEALTH class

The practical exam requires simulation of a bellicon class with the following points:

  • Welcoming of the participants
  • Pre-instruction & safety information on training on the bellicon®
  • Correct instruction and execution of randomly assigned bellicon® basic steps as well as a pathology-specific exercise to music


Who can become a trainer?

Basically everyone who loves rebounding and wants to teach. For a bellicon® HEALTH training there should be sufficient basic fitness.

Your fitness test

If you can do this workout without any problems, you are ready for the bellicon® HEALTH training. 4 sets of the following exercises without a break:

  • 15 sec. stand on one leg with closed eyes
  • sit on the floor and get up without using your hands
  • jump from one foot to the other for 1 min.

And after the basic education course?

Education opportunities

You have these further education opportunities after the bellicon® HEALTH training:

bellicon® KIDS
Teach children and teens on the bellicon®, from a playful and fun point of view.

Would you like to complete a fitness-oriented basic education course? Then we recommend our bellicon® JUMPING education course.

Type of education courses

Online education course

The contents of the online workshops are identical to those of the on-site workshops. However, there is a difference: You do the workshop 100% online from home. Of course you will receive all teaching materials from us! Our online offerings are constantly being expanded.

On-site education course

The bellicon Academy offers you three basic education courses and various workshops. The 2-day on-site education course is exactly the right thing for you if you value learning in a group and the associated group feeling.


What does an education course cost?

The price for our bellicon® HEALTH online education course is $359 and will be available soon. With this education course, you can learn and train comfortably from home and also take your exam.

On-site training costs $479 and offers you the opportunity to learn from and be supported by a group as well as professional and personal guidance from the master trainer.


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