bellicon® HEALTH education course

The education for health-oriented training

What is included in the education course?

Learning content bellicon® HEALTH education course

  • The bellicon® and all its facets
  • basics of anatomy and common symptoms
  • positive effects of bellicon® training & contraindications
  • step technique and lesson planning
  • the structure of a bellicon® HEALTH lesson
  • Pathology-specific exercises
  • Basics of music, didactics and methodology
  • Tips for the correct guidance of a bellicon® HEALTH class

The practical exam requires simulation of a bellicon class with the following points:

  • Welcoming of the participants
  • Pre-instruction & safety information on training on the bellicon®
  • Correct instruction and execution of randomly assigned bellicon® basic steps as well as a pathology-specific exercise to music

Module 1 | Introduction
Module 2 | Equipment training
Module 3 | Effects
Module 4 | Anatomy
Module 5 | Posture building
Module 6 | First steps
Module 7 | Mobilization
Module 8 | Technique basic steps
Module 9 | LIVE Webinar
Module 10 +11 | Music
Module 12 | Cueing
Module 13 | Hand signs
Module 14 | Coordination
Module 15 | Strengthening exercises
Module 16 | Balance
Module 17 | Stretching
Module 18 | Practice lesson
Module 19 | Planning a class
Module 20 | Personality of a trainer
Module 21 | Methodology and didactics
Module 22 | Legality
Module 23 | Practice lesson
Module 24 | Masterclass LIVE Webinar

How is the bellicon® HEALTH education offered?

Types of education

Where?At homeOn site
When?Start anytime, without an appointmentFixed education date
Duration?24 video modules with 4 1/2 hours of material and 2 online webinars2 days of 8 hours each
Exam?Upload a videoOn site, on the second day of face-to-face training
Graduation?bellicon® HEALTH Diplomabellicon® HEALTH Diploma
Costs?Fom $335available soon

Who can become a bellicon® HEALTH Trainer?


Basically everyone who loves rebounding and wants to teach. For a bellicon® HEALTH training there should be sufficient basic fitness.

Your fitness test

If you can do this workout without any problems, you are ready for the bellicon® HEALTH training. 4 sets of the following exercises without a break:

  • 15 sec. stand on one leg with closed eyes
  • Sit on the floor and get up without using your hands
  • Jump from one foot to the other for 1 min.



The online bellicon® HEALTH education includes a total of 24 video modules for self-study. The last module (module 24) takes place as a LIVE webinar. The webinar dates can only be booked after completion of the 23rd module. It is not possible to book in advance. In order to guarantee the best possible quality, the maximum number of participants in our webinars is 7 people. New dates are published every month!

  • HEALTH Ausbildung (Modul 24)
    • Dates for 2023 will be published soon

And after the bellicon® HEALTH education course?

Education opportunities

You have these further education opportunities after the bellicon® HEALTH training:

bellicon® KIDS
Teach children and teens on the bellicon®, from a playful and fun point of view.

Would you like to complete a fitness-oriented basic education course? Then we recommend our bellicon® JUMPING education course.

Do you need a bellicon® mini-trampoline for your HEALTH education?

Prices and bundle offer

We offer two options: a bellicon® GO  trampoline and your bellicon® HEALTH basic training as unbeatable bundle offers.

1. Bundle RENT: Your bellicon HEALTH course + 3 months rental of a bellicon® GO

2. Bundle PURCHASE: Your bellicon HEALTH course + your bellicon® GO

Become a part of the bellicon Family


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