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bellicon® JUMPING education course

The education course for powerful cardiovascular and strength training

You decide: online or on-site

Components of the JUMPINGeducation

ONLINE: 4 1/2 hours of video teaching material and two LIVE webinars of 3 - 3 1/2 hours (start now)
2 days at 8 hours each day (fixed date)

  • The bellicon® and all its facets
  • Positive effects of the bellicon training
  • Step techniques and layout of a bellicon® JUMPING class
  • Basics of music, didactics and methodology
  • Tips for correct guidance during a bellicon® JUMPING classes

The practical exam requires simulation of a bellicon class (6-8 minutes).
ONLINE: Uploading a video
ON-SITE: Presentation on the second day

  • Welcoming of the participants
  • Pre-instructions and safety instructions for the training on the bellicon®
  • Correct cueing and step performance of randomly chosen basic JUMPING steps on music



The online bellicon® JUMPING education includes a total of 20 video modules for self-study. Two of these modules (Module 7 and 20) take place as LIVE webinars. The webinar dates can only be booked after completion of the 6th or 19th module. It is not possible to book in advance. In order to guarantee the best possible quality, the maximum number of participants in our webinars is 7 people. New dates are published every month!

  • JUMPING education course (Module 7):
    • Sa. 07.08. 16:00 - 19:30 pm (MESZ)
  • JUMPING education course (Module 20):
    • Wed. 11.08. 18:00 - 21:00 pm (MESZ)


Who can become a trainer?

Basically everyone who loves rebounding and wants to teach can become a trainer. For a bellicon® JUMPING education one should be able to complete a class.

Your fitness test

Workout 4 rounds of the following exercises without breaks: 30 sec plank, 30 x mountain climbers, 30x jumping jacks. If you did it without breaks, you are ready for the education course. Note:This test gives you an impression how exhausting a bellicon® JUMPING workout is. Of course you can book your education without doing the test as well.

And after the basic education course?

Education opportunities

bellicon® ADVANCED
Take your bellicon® JUMPING skills to the next level in this ADVANCED workshop

bellicon® INTERVAL
Learn new methods for your bellicon® JUMPING training according to the interval and circuit principles.

bellicon® Jumping meets Shadowboxer
Combine bellicon® JUMPING with the high effective SHADOWBOXER equipment, an explosive combo

bellicon® HEALTH
Enter the health sector with this health oriented concept on the bellicon® – also suitable for older audience.

bellicon® KIDS
Teach children and teens on the bellicon®, from a playful and fun point of view.

Type of education courses

Online education course

The contents of the online workshops are identical to those of the on-site workshops. However, there is a difference: You do the workshop 100% online from home. Of course you will receive all teaching materials from us! Our online offerings are constantly being expanded.

On-site education course

The bellicon Academy offers you three basic education courses and various workshops. The 2-day on-site education course is exactly the right thing for you if you value learning in a group and the associated group feeling.

Prices and bundle offer

Do you need a bellicon® mini-trampoline for your JUMPING education?

We offer two options: a bellicon® GO Jumping trampoline and your bellicon® JUMPING basic training as unbeatable bundle offers.

1. Bundle RENT: Your bellicon JUMPING course + 3 months rental of a bellicon® GO Jumping

2. Bundle PURCHASE: Your bellicon JUMPING course + your bellicon® GO Jumping

Stefanie Baumgarten
bellicon® JUMPING education course - Online

It's great that you can work through everything independently. You can see right from the start which modules are coming and how the education course is structured. I got along very well with it and can only recommend the education course. 


Sara Mayer
bellicon® JUMPING education course - Online

I waited so long until it finally started online and I think the wait was worth it. The modules and the webinar were really fun. Great quality, the change of perspective, the music etc. I can't say anything negative and I'm so happy to have completed the online education course and I'm looking forward to more.

Jens Burowksi
bellicon® JUMPING education course - Online

I felt in good hands! The modules are very well structured and understandable. I would book a course again!

Werde Teil der bellicon Familie!


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