bellicon® KIDS Workshop

The workshop for all JUMPING and HEALTH trainers

Learning content

What is included in the workshop?

In their developmental phases, children and teenagers have different levels of enthusiasm for movement and curiosity, which is why the one-day KIDS workshop deals with the following aspects:

  • varied suggestions and ideas for movement
  • instructions for understandable and effective correction
  • playful and creative teaching
  • encouragement of children's motor skills development
  • Motivation for sport and exercise through music and choreography

Examination of the workshop:

A practical presentation of the acquired skills will be shown at the end of the workshop. The participants get actively involved by applying and implementing the games and ideas they have learned. Then, the new KIDS trainers receive their certificate.


What do you need for the workshop?

This workshop is targeted at trainers who have already completed the bellicon® JUMPING or HEALTH education course. bellicon® KIDS is a concept that was specially developed for children and teenagers. So if you enjoy working with children, this workshop is for you!


Online Workshop

The contents of the online workshops are identical to those of the on-site workshops. However, there is a difference: You do the workshop 100% online from home. Of course you will receive all teaching materials from us!

On-site Workshop

The bellicon Academy offers you three basic education courses and various workshops. The 2-day on-site education course is exactly the right thing for you if you value learning in a group and the associated group feeling.


What does the workshop cost?

The price for our bellicon® KIDS online workshop is $199 and is available soon.With online education, you can learn and train comfortably from home and also take your exam. An on-site workshop costs $249 and offers you the in person community support as well as professional and personal guidance from the Master trainer and is available soon, too.


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