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JUMPING education course

This fitness-oriented Jumping fitness basic education course from the bellicon Academy uses our hexagonal mini-trampolines. Get ready to experience full power training!

HEALTH education course

Our bellicon® HEALTH basic course teaches you all aspects of the health oriented bellicon training. This course also prepares you for instructing our senior bouncers.

MED education course

With bellicon® MED start your trainer career on the therapeutic path.

Why become a bellicon Trainer?


The bellicon fitness courses will bring even more customers into your studio. Trampoline training is perfect for addressing a broad target group. Both, dynamic athletes who want to do jumping fitness power training and older participants who prefer a joint-friendly bellicon® HEALTH are excited about the bellicon courses!



Become a fitness trainer with bellicon and give your own bellicon trampoline courses! After a JUMPING or HEALTH basic training you can work completely independently. You are not tied to a specific location or time: you decide how and where you work!

With our attractive rental model, you are on the safe side. First secure fully booked courses and new members before you make a purchase!

TSV Burgfarrnbach
TSV Burgfarrnbach
bellicon® JUMPING education

,,We started with 11 trampolines and 7 units a week! Jumping Fitness hit us so much that we had to increase the trampolines to 16 and also sent 3 more trainers to Munich for training! The demand from our youngest members was also great, so we included two hours for the kids and one hour for teens in the program! We currently have 12 hours a week on offer and are thrilled about the popularity! bellicon® Jumping Fitness is possible for members and also for non-members with a 10-ticket! No fixed courses, all lessons can be booked individually! With the workshops Jumping Interval, Advanced Workshop, bellicon Kids and bellicon Jumping meets Shadowboxer, we always bring a lot of variety to our lessons !! Jumping Fitness made the club younger, more attractive and more familiar, which we are very proud of! At the moment we have over 250 participants who enchant our hours every day with their enthusiasm! "

Tina Schwarz
Tina Schwarz
bellicon® JUMPING education

„The bellicon® jumping training was very worthwhile for me, because I was able to intensify and optimize many movement sequences and what is even more important: I am now able to explain and show my coaching participants the steps in detail. At the moment I only work with women who have lipedema and / or lymphedema. Some of them also have massive weight problems. The training is a great help here, in order to be able to respond better to personal needs and, if necessary, to modify the execution of the various exercises a bit, so that everyone has success and, above all, fun with the training. "The feedback from the women, once a week Jumping with me is positive every time and if it were up to you, then we would definitely jump more often, if not every day. It's just incredibly good mood and a lot of fun!"

Christiane Bartel
Christiane Bartel
bellicon® HEALTH education

,,The bellicon HEALTH training has had a very positive effect on the course utilization! After my first bellicon HEALTH class, I immediately received great feedback from many of our participants, who also attend the other courses. The new participants also had a lot of fun and did them and their joints good. Every week more and more new course participants are added. Some of them come because of pathological complaints and are very positively surprised by the bellicon HEALTH course. The course puts you in an extremely good mood!"

Who can become a bellicon Trainer?


Basically everyone who loves rebounding and wants to teach.

Our two basic education courses, bellicon® JUMPING and bellicon® HEALTH, have different requirements that we recommend as previous experience

Your own fitness level is an important indicator, but other factors are also important -like your personal preferences. With the help of our fitness test you can find out whether you are more of the fitness-oriented JUMPING or the health-oriented HEALTH type.

If you are interested in the therapeutic oriented bellicon® MED education course, you need practical previous ed-ucation, e.g. an education as a physiotherapist.

How are the education courses offered?

Types of education courses

Online On site
WhereAt homeOn site
When?Start anytime, without an appointmentFixed education date
Duration?20 video modules with 4 1/2 hours of material and 2 online webinars2 days of 8 hours each
Exam?Upload a videoOn site, on the second day of face-to-face training
Education?bellicon® JUMPING & bellicon® HEALTHbellicon® JUMPING & bellicon® HEALTH & bellicon® MED
Costs?From $359Available soon

Education Location


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