bellicon® MED education course

Education for therapeutic training lessons

What is included in the education course?


Theory on the first day:

  • Specification of pathological findings
  • Guidance of a wide range of exercise variations
  • ndividual tips for your everyday practice

Practice on the second day:

  • Practical individual examination based on a pathological case study
  • Receipt of the diploma after successful completion

Who can become a trainer?


All therapists who want to offer their patients more opportunities for rehabilitation! A basic knowledge of human anatomy is provided. Prior health education is required.

And after the education course?

Future prospects

After the 2-day education course, the participants are able to offer bellicon® MED courses both in heterogeneous small groups and in individual training sessions. These courses are used in the regenerative and preventive health sector.

Since the therapeutic training is only possible to a limited extent - depending on the health of your patients, you are already well prepared by the bellicon Academy and do not need any further workshops.

If you are interested in further bellicon basic education courses, we recommend bellicon® HEALTH.

On site


The bellicon Academy offers you three basic education courses and various workshops. The 2-day on-site education course is exactly the right thing for you if you value learning in a group and the associated group feeling.


What does an education course cost?


The bellicon® MED on-site education course costs £349 and offers you an opportunity to be with and learn from a group as well as professional and personal guidance from the master trainer.

An online version is currently not possible, as this training requires personal support from our master trainer based on therapeutic standards.

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