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The education course with group feeling

About the education course

100% Community and group vibes

The basic training courses JUMPING, HEALTH and MED are two-day courses and our workshops are one-day courses. You are in the right place if you love to learn in a group and benefit from each other. Important information about the Covid-19 pandemic: Due to the current pandemic situation, there are no on-site education courses in the entire D-A-CH region.


The prices for one of our on-site basic education courses is $479. There are different prices for the workshops from $249 € to $319. They will be available soon.

On-site education course

All of our education courses are available as an on-site education course. In total, we have the following 3 bellicon basic education courses: bellicon® JUMPING, bellicon® HEALTH and bellicon® MED. There are also 5 continuing education workshops.


What can you expect in the on-site education course?

You can expect an education course with theory and practical experience in a balanced mix as well as enough practice time. On the second day of the education course, we start with a master class and the day ends with an exam. In the one-day workshops, we start with some theory and then put what we have learned into practice. A real exam does not take place here, just a small sample of what has been learned.

Your advantage over online training:
With the on-site education course, you can benefit from the group groupand have individual and personal support from the Mastertrainer. Socializing with other participants is also a great side effect.

Types of education courses

Basic education courses

An on-site basic education course takes 2 days. During the exam, you will simulate a lesson and apply what you have learned in your training. We offer three basic education courses: bellicon® JUMPING, HEALTH and MED.


As a further qualification after the basic education course, we offer you 5 different workshops. Due to the current pandemic situation, we are working on offering you all workshops 100% online soon.


Education locations

You can find our locations on the map. For more information about the location, click on the location and you will be redirected to Eventbrite.


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