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About the education course

100% Online

Do you prefer to complete your bellicon education course at home? No problem - with the Online Academy! Both, the exam and the class are 100% online.


The prices for our bellicon® JUMPING and HEALTH education courses are $359. As soon as we launch the first workshops, we will inform you immediately.


Online education course

You currently have the opportunity to complete the basic education course bellicon® JUMPING 100% online.


What can you expect online?

All steps in brief:

  • Select and book education course
  • Start education course immediately at your own pace
  • Take the exam
  • Receive a certificate

    The duration of the education course from start to finish of the exam depends on your personal learning pace. The video material, including live webinars, takes about 11 hours for the basic education courses.

    For the exam, you will be asked to instruct exercises with a random combination of different steps. The steps will be compiled into choreography within 6 hours and recorded in a video, including the greeting and preliminary instruction. You have 6 hours to upload your video.

Types of education courses

Basic education courses

Complete an online basic education course at your own pace. During the exam, you will simulate a lesson and apply what you have learned in your education course. You can currently complete the bellicon® JUMPING training online. The HEALTH education will be available soon. bellicon® MED is currently only possible as an on-site education.


Our online workshops are available soon and takes less time than an online basic education course, as it is a further certification and does not provide comprehensive basic knowledge again.


What does an education course cost?

The prices of our online basic education courses JUMPING and HEALTH are $359. The workshops can be completed after successfully completing the basic education course.


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